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5 Cool Skills You can Work on Amid Lockdown

The COVID-19 outbreak has suddenly put the whole world on a standstill. And in order to curb the spread of the disease, most of us are currently staying inside our homes. But you probably agree with me that being stuck indoors all the time is really boring.

Why don’t we use this time to develop a new skill or two?

No pressure, though, I mean. It’s your time. And only you should decide how to use it. However, there are actually some amazing skills you can work on amid this lockdown. You have time, you have energy, and you have resources. Why not make a good use of it? Plus, think of when you’ll get out of this lockdown with a new skill under your belt, how amazing will it be.

Here are some cool new skills that you can work on amid this lockdown.

Learn a Musical Instrument

Knowing how to play a musical instrument is not only impressive but the process of learning is also very rewarding. It teaches you how to be patient and disciplined. It improves your creative thinking abilities. And it keeps you stressfree. What else do you want amid this lockdown?

So, if you have an old guitar or keyboard sitting in your storage for a long time, now is the perfect time to get it out and start learning. You can learn via YouTube videos, books, or any other source that you like. You just need to be willing enough.

Learn a New Language

Maybe you learned a language in school and want to brush it up again. Maybe you are planning a trip to somewhere after this all gets over. Or maybe you want to learn a new language simply because you are interested in it. Whatever be the reason, now is the perfect time to start doing it. Learning a new language is a time-consuming process. And that’s why, with a normal schedule, you just can’t do it. However, now you have all the time in the world. You just need to make up your mind.

There are abundant ways to learn a new language- books, online videos, mobile applications, etc. Just chose one of them and start learning.

Learn How to Cook

Have you been eating a lot during the lockdown? I understand. In fact, most of us are on the same boat. However, you can actually use this to your advantage.

How? By cooking your own food!

I know, picking up your phone and ordering a takeaway or delivery is much easier. But is it healthy? And trust me, now is the time you need to take the most care of your health. So, to ensure what you are eating is healthy, you should learn cooking.

Furthermore, knowing how to cook can also come in handy in emergencies. While the chances of conditions getting that worse right now aren’t very high, what’s wrong in being prepared? So, pick up a cookbook, find something that sounds easy to you, and get weaving.

Try your Hand on Photography

You might be thinking: How can I learn photography when I’m stuck at home all the time? Well, the question makes perfect sense here. After all, you need lighting, view and many other things to click good pictures. And, obviously, you can’t have these things at home. However, you can actually shoot some amazing photos even at your home. You just need to be creative enough.

There are many photography courses available online that focus on indoor photography too. Plus, you don’t even need a professional camera for this. You can click some amazing stills even with your phone’s camera. So, look up for some good online courses, and you are good to go.

Try Coding

Lost your job recently? Looking for a career change? Or maybe you want to create your own website. This is the perfect time to step up your game.

Coding is the one skill that can help you in numerous fields, such as data science, app development, digital marketing, etc. Plus, it’s really easy to learn. Or at least the basics. However, if you are disciplined enough, you can reach an advanced level too in a very short span. There are multiple ways you can start learning to code. You can watch youtube videos, join an online course, or read some good books on coding. In the end, your success depends on how much effort you put in.

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