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5 Ridiculous Tips To Travel More With Spending Less

From students to job professionals, unfavorable finance is the most common reason for the withdrawal of travel plans. It is usually because of the high expense associated with travel. So, isn’t there is a way that can make your globetrotting dreams comes true?

Yes, there is. No matter what your budget is, you can make it work. In fact, if you travel smartly, you will end up traveling more with spending less. Just like is with most things in life, the earlier you catch the deal, the better deal you will get. Like if you call the emergency plumber in Wolverhampton before actual large scale damage happens you’ll be able to save a lot of time and energy.

Having said that, here are five smart travel tips that can satisfy your wanderlust without breaking your bank.

Tip 1: Wisely Search Your Destination And Plan Your Trip in Off-Season

First, wisely search for your destination. Visiting business destinations in the peak holiday season means paying a high sum for accommodation and flight tickets. On the other hand, a trip to the Mediterranean in the cold season is more peaceful and cuts half of your expenditure.

Most of the renowned travel destinations like Europe become more expensive during summers. Especially hill stations because of their pleasant climate. Therefore, plan your trip in the off-season. The weather is better at this time, there are fewer people around, and you can save a lot of cash.

Tip 2: Spend Minimum on Transportation

If possible, opt for cruising. It is less expensive than traveling by air, especially during hurricane season. Don’t worry; it’s very safe. The high tech gadgets notify the marine staff for any upcoming storm, and they immediately change the route. Still, be brave enough to take the little associated risk.

However, if you prefer traveling via plane, then you must know the art of finding cheap plane tickets is at any time of the year.

Here are some ways to find low-price flights:

Check airlines’ low fare calendar.

Compare fares using Skyscanner.

Look for indirect flights as they are inexpensive than direct flights.

Avoid extra fees, like choosing a business seat, priority boarding, and heavy luggage.

Make use of the Hopper Application for the deals and discounts.

Golden Tip: Remember that sometimes combining transportation, for example, plane and bus is often the cheapest pick. For ground-level transportation, opt for multi-way passes. These little bargains end up in significant savings.

Tip 3: Apply For Your Travel Credit Card in Advance

If you’re planning for a travel reward credit card, apply for one in advance. It provides you many benefits such as earning points for free flights and accommodation. Moreover, these cards offer additional discounts for much travel-related shopping. One excellent option for frequent travelers is the Chase Sapphire Reserve, and if you’re just starting out, go for Chase Sapphire Preferred.

Other than this, make most of the currency conversions. We all know that different countries have different currencies. Choose a country like India or Nepal, which where your money will buy you the most.

Tip 4: Go For Economic Accommodation and Transportation

For accommodations, nothing can beat the price offered by Airbnb. The best part is, most of the time, you find a place where you can cook for yourself. The same goes for and VRBO. They both offer you stays where you can truly live like a local and explore incredible neighborhoods.

Besides them, hostels are also very considerable. It gives you a great experience, and sometimes you end up making strangers your lifetime friends. And for those who like their privacy, they do offer private rooms as well.

Lastly, if you are out of luck and there is no other option than opting for a hotel, look for ones that are a little far away from the city center. The reason being, they are usually cheaper than the ones in the city. To reach them, you can make use of public transport.

As far as transportation is concerned, try to use Uber over Taxis. If it’s a major city, Metros are the best way to travel. Take help from Google Maps. Its public transit option works in most cities. Just ask him where you want to go, and it will guide you precisely with which lines and busses you need to take to reach there!

Today, many cities also offer cheap and easy bike rentals. They offer to pick up and return around the city. These bike-sharing programs are beneficial while you’re abroad.

Tip 5: Save On Adventure Activities

Your budget greatly depends upon the way you organize your adventure sports. From my own experience, most of my best adventures didn’t cost a dime. Here’s the approach I follow

Skip Expensive Tour Guides: Instead of hiring a guide, download audiobooks, and listen to where you’re going. Some great free apps can also help you in this regard.

Always Seek Discount: Wherever you go, look for discounts first. There are always special rates for seniors, students or groups – choose the one that you belong to. Even if there is not any discount mention upfront – it never hurts to ask for one!

Check Special Deals Online: Sites like Groupon offer major discounts all over the world. So, keep an eye on them. Plus, they also update you on local events.

Look-Out Free Activities and Museums: There are many cities where major tourist attractions are free on specific days. You just have to look-out for them.

That’s it, implement these tips, and share your travel experiences in the comment section below. It will help others, including me. Happy Traveling! 

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