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7 things you can’t miss doing in Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the most stunning places on the planet. Blessed with nature’s beauty, the place is ...

Hawaii is one of the most stunning places on the planet. Blessed with nature’s beauty, the place is always on top of every traveler’s bucket list. From amazing sunsets to thrilling surfing, this place has it all. If you’re looking for a break, Hawaii is the place to be. There is a lot that you can do in Hawaii. In fact, the list is endless. The moment you land at this magical place, you’ll be in a different zone. It will bring out the adventurer in you. Planning to visit? There are some things that you have to do when you’re in Hawaii. 

Helicopter ride over the volcano

This is something that is on top of every traveler’s list. That’s no surprise owing to the experience it offers. The Safari helicopters take you over the Volcano National Park to give the ultimate thrilling ride. Kilauea is constantly active ever since it first erupted in 1983. In 2018, the volcano erupted again causing massive destruction. With this active volcano, there is always a chance to spot the fuming lava. Well, if you’re lucky, then definitely. Even if you don’t see the lava, the sulfur fumes clouding over the volcano will give you the feels. 

Hop for a whale watching experience in Maui 

Ever dreamed of watching the whales jump out of water in their full glory? Hawaii is blessed with a breathtaking life brimming with nature’s beauty. It is simply the best whale watching experience on the entire planet. When you see those enormous creatures jump out of water to wave a ‘Hello’, it is something that you would cherish for the rest of your life. The best time to visit is between Mid December and Mid May. So, plan it accordingly. 

Go on a road ride to Hana

If you’re looking for a kickass road ride loaded with scenic views, this one is for you. The ride takes you from North Shore to Hana Maui on the east. The sparkling blue ocean, lush forests, and the spectacular waterfalls are sure to keep your ride filled with joy. Once you arrive, indulge in the vibrant culture. You can interact with the locals and try to communicate in their language. Try staying overnight for a more relaxed experience. It will let you pamper yourself with ample rest and a good time. 

Visit the coffee farms

Are you a coffee nerd? High five! You’re set to have a great time in the Kona Coffee Belt in Hawaii. There are over 650 coffee farms spread across the islands. Well, Kona coffee is particularly famous. So, you’ve got to try that. The 30 minutes tour takes you through the orchard, wet mill, and the drying orchards. It’s not just limited to that, you also get the free coffee samples. So, take a sip with your chair parked on the beach and bask in the beauty of sunshine. Need to make it better? Carry some snacks and a refreshing drink with you. 

Grab some pancakes

After a stroll on the beautiful beaches, you’ll surely be hungry. Ken’s House of Pancakes in Hilo. Opened in 1975, this iconic place has served some of the best in business. We mean from Dwyane Johnson to other famous celebrities in Hollywood. In fact, there are some rumors that ‘The Rock’ owns the restaurant. Well, I don’t know, I’ll leave it to you to hunt for the truth. In fact, when you visit there, you’ll find plenty of signed celeb pics on the walls. And, they serve delicious pancakes 24 hrs. Trust me, they won’t let you stay hungry. The portions they serve are huge. Like pretty huge! The traditional Loco Moco is something that you’ll devour. 

Snorkel at Molokini

Are you a fan of underwater wildlife? Well, the Monokini crater is one of the best snorkeling & diving spots on the planet. The crystal clear water in the crater will surely capture your attention. You’ll view the full underwater wildlife in stunning details. Dive into the freshness and say hello to the turtles swimming past you. Witness the coral reefs from close and enjoy the moment to its fullest. Well, keep an eye on the octopus, eel, and the colorful fishes. You’ll enjoy it. 

At Pearl Harbor, witness the history 

Pearl Harbor is one of the most famous destinations in Hawaii. The site of World War II has a memorial of sunken battleship USS Arizona. Learn what forced the US to get involved in the war and let the artifacts remind you of history. This place is thronged with tourists from around the world. So, it’s better if you have a small group while exploring the place. It will be easier for you to witness the history through the crowd of people. 


Honestly, there are not many places like Hawaii. So, ensure you make the most of it. At this point, I’m sure you might be already planning to pack your bags. Well, whenever you decide to go, plan it in advance. If you’re someone who works, manage your schedule in a way that gives you ample time for a holiday. Mark the dates on the calendar and gear up for the tour. Also, shop for some fancy beach shirts that you can flaunt in Hawaii. And don’t forget the sunscreen. You’ll need it while you enjoy the sunbath on the glistening beaches. Got a camera? Carry that too and capture the breathtaking moments in style. Hawaii will surely enrich you with unforgettable experiences. 

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