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8 Self Care Tips For New Moms

As a new mom, your life might be chaotic right now. You probably find it hard to allot any time to yourself or pay any attention to your well being. However, self care is a basic necessity, especially now. Here are 9 tips you can follow.


Get Active

The last few months of your pregnancy probably didn’t allow you to move around as much as you wanted. But the restrictions are all gone now. This is the time to get back on your feet, go out for walks, meditate or do yoga. It’s recommended to start with something simpler that won’t require too much of your energy but would make you feel refreshed nonetheless. Here are some tips to follow to stay motivated during workouts!

Find Time to be Alone

Find Time to be Alone

You just had a baby, it’s only natural that you spend most of your time with the little one. And yet, you can’t spend 24/7 taking care of them. This is where you must set up some boundaries for yourself.

  • Divide some time between you and your partner to take care of the baby
  • Find a third person who would spend time with your kid regularly
  • When someone else has the baby, spend some alone time
  • Invest in reading, talking to a friend, drawing or any other hobby

The time you spend by yourself should be for positive thinking and affirmations only.


Communicate your Needs With Loved Ones

Your partner is in this with you. So all of your needs should be directly communicated to them. If you need a break from taking care of the baby, tell them. If you’re experiencing symptoms of depression, tell them.

You should also communicate with the rest of your family members and friends who might want to help out. There is nothing wrong with asking for advice or help from those involved in your life.


Schedule a Session with a Therapist

If the communication with your friends and family is not enough, don’t hesitate to talk to a therapist. Symptoms of postpartum depression are quite frequent in new moms. If you want to overcome the emotional chaos of the condition, it’s preferable to talk to a professional. You’ll find plenty of professionals online who conduct virtual consultations.

Pay special Attention to Your Diet and Hygiene

Pay special Attention to Your Diet and Hygiene

New mothers can get a little too engrossed with their kids to care about anything else. And while you’re feeding and cleaning up after your kid, you might forget to do the same for yourself.  Your old routine can begin to feel like it’s too demanding of your time but it isn’t. To get back into the groove, here is where you can start.

  • Eat 3 meals everyday
  • Take a bath everyday

Just following these basic steps will help you get into a simplified routine. Slowly you can add more steps without making the process too difficult.

Invest in Self Care

Once you’re used to the basics- eating on time and maintaining general hygiene, you can invest some time in self care. This could be a 10 minute skin care routine before bed, a weekly massage or a regular visit to the sauna nearby. Whatever your idea of self care is, you can start investing some time into it. It could also be listening to some of your favorite songs, dancing in your room or filing out some quizzes at

If you’re planning to go out for a little while, ask your parents, relatives or friends to take care of the baby for a few hours. You’ll be surprised to see how many people will be willing to help. You just have to say the word.

Get Some Fresh Air

Staying suffocated in a house that smells like dirty diapers, vomit and baby powder doesn’t sound very refreshing. But do you know what does? The smell of freshly cut grass, chirping birds in the background and a hot cup of herbal tea in your hands. No matter how long and busy your days might be, stepping out for a breath of fresh air is crucial.

Divide Responsibilities From the Get Go

Setting boundaries and dividing work for the day is something you need to do before the baby arrives. This clear distinction might seem too mechanical to discuss, but you’ll definitely need it later. Once the baby arrives, you and your partner must be clear about the tasks that you must take care of. If either of your parents are helping out, it’s better to divide the responsibilities with them as well.

At the end of the day, you shouldn’t be giving up on all your free time and sleep to take care of the little one. Instead, everybody must chip in some of their time and efforts.


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