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Five Apps every traveler needs in 2019

*Land Ahoy! Land Ahoy!!* “Great God! I have done it! This is India. I have found the fastest ...

*Land Ahoy! Land Ahoy!!*

“Great God! I have done it! This is India. I have found the fastest sea route to India, my quest is complete now,” said Christopher Columbus.

“Sire, it is Caribbean Islands, not India,” said a wild crew member.

“Said who”

“Google maps caption, I told you to keep true after that little island, we are in the Americas now,” said the crew member diving into the fresh Caribbean water, enjoying the warmth.

This is something we all could have been reading in our books if the greatest explorer of all times had google maps or any of the relating navigation apps. What an embarrassment it could have been for poor Columbus. But, let the past be, if you are planning to spend the last remaining days of this murderous year traveling, kudos! Great for you, use these amazing traveling applications for making the best of your holiday.


A man who has not spent fortunes waiting for his flight can safely be tagged as poor. We have all been there; I believe that the only purpose of having lounges inside airports is to make sure you lose a good cut out of your vacation budget to the flying system. But then again, when you are traveling via e budgeted airlines, with their ‘leg space for midgets’ special edition seats, you have to rely on a classy lounge to treat yourself in the way you were meant to be. But surely, unless you are part of a delegacy or are dirty rich, there are no ways that you would have a membership to all the bitching lounges in the world. So, instead of raiding lounge to lounge, you can use LoungeBuddy to skim out the best lounges which do not have a member’s only policy. This compares three details about you, the airline status, your credit card status and lounge memberships, and give you the details about accessible lounges at the airport. The application is free and also works if you will not have any of the above three things.


Every time I used to fly to Greece (I love this place), I had to call my telecommunication guy to get a new international sim card, mostly he used to fix me with local sims, which do not work the same as ours. Then with faster internet, Facebook messenger, skype, and WhatsApp took over. But the problem was these things would not work without the internet. For the internet, I would need a Wi-Fi or access to the local internet, again via a domestic or international sim card. While searching for better alternatives, I stumbled upon Rebtel. What magical about this application is that it will not need an internet connection for making calls. Supposedly Rebtel connects with local phone operators to offer affordable international calling. Active in exactly 53 countries, Rebtel is bliss in disguise. In most of the countries, monthly global calling pack for this app is just ten bucks; it is not a lot when you compare the rates to official rates for call operating companies, available.

Google Translate 

It was a great flight; everyone enjoyed it, luggage claim went smoothly, but wait, this taxi driver does not understand what you are trying to say; the accent is too thick for him and for you too, what now? Sure, you can ask a person to help you out, then again, at times, there is no one around to help you, or another person is not kind enough to offer assistance towards you anyway. Now, this is the reason you need to learn the linguistic basics of a country you are going in, and Google Translate on your phone. It will help you in translating local signboards, thanks to this new update, you can click a pic using this app, and it will translate it for you. Google translate can also assist you in translating the menu of a local restaurant, FYI, it is more important than you think. GT supports languages like Thai, Vietnamese, Hindi, Arabic, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Nepali, and Telugu too.


I love this application! A couple of years ago, I had enough of lousy hostels and sleazy hotels and was looking for something exciting. It is the basic application of all the travelers, and if you already are not using it, is not it a little sad? Airbnb allows you to rent a house, which may or may not has its owner present in it. You can select the type of house you want to rent, price range that suits you, requisite amenities, and of course, locality. There are two types of properties on this application, pre-approved and ones that need approval. Airbnb is great for those last-minute trips. Also, most house owners are chill personalities who mind their own business.


What is the most frustrating part of a trip? Packing! Yes, we all hate it, but we do not have to anymore, because we have PackPoint. You put in the destination and the length of your holiday, and the application will tell you what you need for the tour. Application is so cool that if you have a washing machine facility where you are going, then it will count the washes and reusing of clothes too.

Ending Note

Technology truly has changed the world for good, and for us travelers, it has turned it into freaking heaven. A new year is coming, and along with that, it will come to a bunch of new applications that travelers will need to know about, and we will be back with an updated and fresh list.



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