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Guide to Running Shoes: How to Choose the Right Ones

A beginner may consider all sports shoes as the same but actually that is not correct. Every sport or workout routine has different kinds of shoes that are considered better than regular sports shoes. These shoes are specifically designed for the associated activity to ensure comfort and safety.

This is why it is often recommended by the trainers to wear running shoes whenever the training involves running. Some people perceive that the trainer is asking them to invest in expensive shoes. It is  a very common misconception that the most expensive shoes shall be the best running shoes ever manufactured. This is not the case. A pair of shoes does not necessarily need a sky rocketed price tag to prove its quality. All it requires is the right person to recognize it.

However, it is not as difficult a task as it may seem initially. You just need to take care of a few things to get a pair that is specifically made for you and your comfort.

Shortlist Running Specific Shoes

The first thing you are supposed to do is shortlist shoes from the ‘sports shoes’ category. There shall be a different shelf dedicated to just running shoes, ask a salesperson to help you find that out.

Pick Your Running Type

Once you have shortlisted the running shoes, you will still be left with an overwhelming number and types of running shoes. Out of these shoes now you have to decide the type of running you are targeting. If your aim is to run daily, stick with everyday running shoes but if your goal is to run in mountains or you need extra grip, trail running shoes shall be a better option for you. There are lightweight running shoes as well but they are least durable and comfortable.

Get the Right Fit

Now you will need to check physically if the shoe is right for you or not. Wear the shoe and feel the insides of it. Is it well cushioned? Do you think these will allow you to run for long without hurting you? Is this a right fit for you? Answer these questions while trying every pair that you think is perfect for you. Consider walking or jogging to examine the shoes appropriately. If it feels comfortable and checks every point, it is the right fit for you.

Things to Keep in Mind

When you will finally be left with two or three options, you need to consider a few points. These will help you eliminate options and you will be left with that one pair that is meant for you.

  • Avoid shoes that are too cushioned as they may feel comfortable now but can certainly ruin your running experience.
  • If the pair of shoes has different levels at toe and heel, it is a wrong fit.
  • Opt for shoes that are flexible but stiff as well, where required.

Take Away

The right pair of shoes will feel right in your feet. You can’t choose a pair that will be perfect for you without considering your foot type. It is better to minimize your options and then go for trials so that you have minimum options to choose from. Selecting shoes is a task that will require experience, guidance, and time. Don’t expect a phenomenal job at the very first try. With experience and running a little more, you will finally be able to select the right shoe for yourself.

Until then, keep trying, smoke a cannabis cartridge, and go for a run!

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