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Here Are All The Things You Can You do on The Last Day of Your Trip

No one wants to go back home after a beautiful vacation. This makes the last day even more ...

No one wants to go back home after a beautiful vacation. This makes the last day even more special. And planning the last day can be hectic. Are you thinking to enjoy some last few hours of the trip and get all the vacation vibes you can get? Well, forgetting the responsibilities awaiting you at your home can result in some sudden unpleasant experiences. You wouldn’t like to have a bad ending to a wonderful vacation, no one does. So, here’s a list of things you must do on the last day of your trip to avoid any problem at the end of your vacation. 


1. Never Forget to Charge Your Phone And Other Electronics

We are a generation that is addicted to their phones. So, it becomes very important to charge your smartphone while going on vacation. You would want to click pictures, make videos, update your social media status, and all the other things. And seeing a “low-battery” warning can be really horrifying. Also, you have to access your phone for all the essential work too. Like checking flight updates, gate numbers, reservation information, boarding passes and accessing confirmation for the last day. So, make sure your phone is charged well for the last day of your trip. 


Similarly, all the other electronic items are important to be charged. If you want to use your BlueTooth headphones while you are on a long flight, you have to charge them first. Or else you would just have to sit idle and get bored.


2. Stock up For Your ‘Flight Time’

Depending upon the length of your flight, stock up with everything you will need to entertain yourself throughout the journey. Flying can get boring very early, so keep your magazines with you, be ready with songs and movies to avoid boredom. This is a two-way trip so, you must have sufficient things to enjoy your journey. Download new movies, series, and songs you need on your phone. 


3. Take Care of Everything While Checking Out

Is it time to go? Check everything and call the front desk to know the checkout procedure for your hotel. Most of the time, you don’t have to do anything much more than just leaving the keys on the night table. But, if it’s different for your hotel, you must work ahead of time a bit. No one wants to stand in a long line at the front desk, especially if you have to catch a flight.


One more thing you must remember before leaving your hotel is to go through the invoice again. Make sure there are no extra charges for anything. Even if you trust the hotel, computer glitches can cause these problems. So, take a look before you check out.


4. Confirm The Transport That Will Take You Home

Maybe you have asked your friend to pick you up from the airport. He can forget the exact day of your return. So, make sure you call to contact him and remind him of your arrival. 


5. Don’t Forget Your Car Keys

After parking the car, maybe you just stashed your car keys quickly in your pocket at the departure. And when you get back to the parking, not finding your car keys can give you a mini heart attack. So, check for your car keys while you are leaving your hotel.


6. Do You Have All Your Travel Documents With You

These are necessary for you to get back home. You would need your passport, airline booking number, the agreements of the car you rented (if you did), and other travel documents. Keep them at a good place where you can find them easily without fishing around in your bags for them.


7. You Have to Manage Your Wet Clothes

If you went swimming, did some workout, or any other activity that made your clothes wet or damp, you would have to manage them. Try to dry them out as wet clothes will increase the weight of your luggage. And if the weight of your bags was already nearing maximum, then these clothes can cause you a lot of money. Also, keeping wet clothes with the rest of your stuff can be messy. If you don’t have much time to dry them, put them in a plastic bag and then keep that plastic bag. 


8. Change The Time on Your Watch According to The Local Time

If you traveled to a different time zone, you would need to change the time on your watch back to local time. You can change this time while you are on your flight.


Final Words

TAKE IT EASY. Yes, you don’t have to rush into things. Be patient and relax. Even if you get into trouble, stay calm. Follow these tips for your last day and return home safely and give a good end to your great trip.


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